We will be at the Tucson Gem Show at G&LW wholesale show:
January 31st thru Febuary 8th, 10AM - 6PM, booth 656 in the Holidome tent.

You can also reach DJ Rinner at (319) 541-0591.

Here is a small sample of some of the things we will bring. In additon, I will have Canyon Diablo meteorites from Arizona, gem boxes, many antique and Art Deco cut stones, antique hardstone cameos. I also have about 10 kilos of superb quality dark amethyst rough from Zaire, Africa. 

Azurite/malachite stones from Arizona, Mexico:

Agates from Brazil

Rare gem Covellite from Butte, Montana

Gem silica Chryscolla from Inspiration Mine, Globe, Arizona

Dendritic agate "Mocha Stone" from India

Crazy Lace Agate Chihuaha, Mexico